Our Work

From small centers and departments to large campus wide applications, we work with a wide range of clients. Check out the list below for a comprehensive view of our work.

  • Give to UC Davis


    Audience: Campus donors & University Relations

    Description: Flagship giving site for UC Davis to collect credit card donations for a wide variety of campus areas and funds. Give to UC Davis increased online donations by over 20% in its first year of opperation.

  • Gift Tracking


    Audience: UCD Development Officers

    Description: Process and track campus donations in a centralized system, including complex payment processing, document management, and workflow history.

  • ACE (Course Evaluations)


    Audience: Students, Staff, and Faculty

    Description: Online course evaluations for UC Davis, enabling staff and faculty to quickly define and distribute evaluations and receive secure feedback rapidly through drastically less effort than using paper evaluations. Used quarterly by almost every student on campus.

  • PrePurchasing


    Audience: Staff and Faculty

    Description: PrePurchasing allows camps staff and faculty to submit, process, track and repot on any type of order request, including KFS, MyTravel, DPO/DRO/PR, and other campus services. Vert popular program that has processed hundreds of millions of dollars in orders to date.

  • Commencement


    Audience: Students and Staff

    Description: Campus commencement registration system that tracks and distributes tickets to students.

  • Registration


    Audience: Staff and Public

    Description: Allows campus staff to create and promote conferences and other events and handles payments (Credit Card/Checks) for those events.

  • Benefits Allocation


    Audience: Campus staff accountants

    Description: A Project for Automating General Ledger Current Budget Adjustments necessitated by campus' de-centralization of benefits allocation credits and expenses.

  • AD419


    Audience: CAES staff

    Description: Complex reporting and expense association system for almost $200 million in agricultural research grants and funds.

  • Student Information Management

    Audience: CAES staff

    Description: Student Information Management System: Used by CA&ES academic counselors. Features include transcript pdf storage, student form tracking, and ability to run student reports against Banner.

  • Eligibility List

    Audience: CAES staff

    Description: Track eligibility actions for CAES faculty.

  • Gramps

    Audience: CAES staff

    Description: Grant Request and Managed Proposal System . Mostly used for Rustici RFP.

  • Employee Salary Review & Analysis (ESRA)

    Audience: CAES staff (& some campus staff)

    Description: System to analyze salaries among titles/personnel and formulate/propose salary adjustments due to equity considerations or reclassification. It pulls together information from a variety of sources and provides personnel analysts with a single-source portal to be able to view employee salary and title.

  • DataMarts (FIS/PPS)

    Audience: CAES staff (financial analysts)

    Description: Used primarily by college financial anaylists to run specialized financial reports not otherwise available in DaFIS DS or Kuali.

  • Data Dictionary

    Audience: Campus Staff Developers

    Description: Allows users to access a single website to view data dictionary information for various databases used on campus such as FIS(DaFIS), PPS, etc.

  • CAES Genomics Facility

    Audience: CAES Genomics

    Description: Application used by CA&ES Genomics Facility to allow users to enter, track and retrieve orders.

  • EatFit

    Audience: Healthy Kids Center Staff

    Description: Survey application used by educators across California for analyzing children's eating habits.

  • Plant Transformation Facility

    Audience: Plant Transformation Staff

    Description: Plant Transformation Facility: Online ordering system for the Plant Transformation Facility. Features online ordering from clients, inventory management, and online billing integration.

  • Badges

    Audience: ASI (Agricultural Sustainability Institute)

    Description: ASI grant project -- open source badging system for higher education. Inside Higher Ed article about it: http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2014/01/03/uc-daviss-groundbreaking-digital-badge-system-new-sustainable-agriculture-program.

  • Legal Gift Agreements

    Audience: DEVAR Staff

    Description: Create, distribute and calculate changes to complex legal documents covering the receipt of large donations to UC Davis.

  • Agribusiness

    Audience: Public and CAES Staff

    Description: Legacy program for managing yearly Agribusiness conference, including attendee tracking and materials distribution.