Enroll in Duo with a landline

Use this guide to self-enroll in the Duo MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) service used on campus with a landline.

Steven Barkey

Steven Barkey

25 January 2019

UC Davis is enforcing a new security measure to protect campus computing accounts, known as Duo MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication). Essentially, when your campus computing account is protected with Duo, it means that in addition to your UC Davis username and password, you’ll need a third thing which only you can access, when you authenticate using your campus computing account. We recommend using a smartphone as that third thing as almost all iPhone/Android/Windows Mobile phones will work.

If you are unable to use a landline for any reason, please consider one of the other methods below or create a Helpdesk ticket for further assistance.

Enroll other devices in Duo:

To enroll in Duo with a landline, please complete the steps below:

  1. Open a browser and go to
  2. Click on the Manage Account Services link
  3. Fill out the requested information and click Submit Information
  4. Enter your UC Davis LoginID (username) and click Continue
  5. Select the option for "IDUO" and click Continue
  6. Follow the instructions for the appropriate prompt below:
    • If prompted to start enrolling in Duo, click Start setup
    • If prompted to choose an authentication method, use one of your existing Duo devices to authenticate
  7. If you have existing devices setup on your Duo account, click + Add another device
  8. Click the option for "Landline" and click Continue
  9. Enter the 10-digit phone number in the box provided
  10. If an extension is necessary, enter it into the box provided
  11. Check the box to verify the entered number is correct and click Continue
  12. If prompted to verify ownership of your phone number:
    1. Click Call me
    2. Enter the code you received via call in the box provided and click Verify
    3. Click Continue
  13. Visually verify that the phone number displayed matches your landline phone number
  14. (optional) Select an option for what to automatically do when prompted for Duo
  15. (optional) To enroll other devices, follow the instructions for the varoius devices using the links above


If you currently access your Office 365 mailbox using the built-in Mail app on an iPhone or iPad, you must remove and readd your email account after Duo is enabled on the mailbox, which generally takes about 15-60 minutes to process. If you need assistance with this, please create a Helpdesk ticket.