CA&ES Dean's Office and UC Davis computing policies as well as standards and practices materials.

Mac Hardware Standards

CA&ES CRU Hardware Standards for Mac Desktops and Laptops

PC Hardware Standards

CA&ES CRU Hardware Standards for PC Desktops and Laptops

Minimum Hardware Requirements

All new computers supported by the CA&ES Dean’s Office Computer Resources Unit must either meet or exceed the following specifications:

Should I get an Apple iPad?

It really depends on your business and personal needs.

Computing Equipment Lifecycle

Computing Resources Unit standards and practices for the life-cycles of computers, printers, and mobile devices.

Helpdesk Prioritization List

A helpdesk prioritization list endorsed by senior leadership in the Dean's Office.

Information Security Policy

This section describes CA&ES Dean's Office policy and procedures needed to comply with the UCD campus Cyber-Safety computing policy with regards to the storing and removal of Restricted Personal Information from computers and other electronic devices.

Mobile Device Use

This policy applies to any mobile device supported by the Dean’s Office Computing Resource Unit (CRU) and/or any mobile device connected to the Dean’s Office subnet.

New Exchange Server Message Size Limits

A note about an increase in the single message size limit on our email servers.

Approved Software List

A list of applications that have been approved for use on Dean's Office computers. Installation of other software is at the discretion of the Director of Information Technology for the purpose of maintaining system stability, security, and legal compliance.

Computing Policy

Computing Policy that applies to any computer supported by the Dean's Office Computing Resource Unit, and/or any computer connected to the Dean's Office subnet.