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Two Client Supporters under the sky,
Three System Administrators in their cubicles of stone,
Five website developers doomed to code,
One Director to rule them all, One Director to find them,
One Director to bring them all and in the basement bind them
In the Land of Mrak where the Agriculture shines.

Adam Getchell-icon

Adam Getchell

Director of Information Technology

(530) 752-8008

Cal Doval-icon

Cal Doval

Web Design and Development

Darrell Joe-icon

Darrell Joe

Client Support

Jackie Emerson-icon

Jackie Emerson

Client Support

Jason Sylvestre-icon

Jason Sylvestre

Applications Developer

Ken Taylor-icon

Ken Taylor

Applications Developer

Odin Jasonson-icon

Odin Jasonson

The goodest of boys

Scott Kirkland-icon

Scott Kirkland

Applications Developer

Shuka Smith-icon

Shuka Smith

Systems Architect

(530) 754-9597

Spruce Weber-Milne-icon

Spruce Weber-Milne

Applications Developer

Steven Barkey-icon

Steven Barkey

Systems Administrator


John Knoll-icon

John Knoll

Currently: Stripe

Laura Holstege-icon

Laura Holstege

Currently: painting watercolor art

Tom Pomroy-icon

Tom Pomroy

Currently: UC Davis IET

Trish Ang-icon

Trish Ang

Currently: Slack

Uwe Rossbach-icon

Uwe Rossbach

Currently: UC Davis Vet Med