Ace Api

How to access the API for ACE

Jason Sylvestre

Jason Sylvestre

16 January 2019

API Instructions:

  • You need to have access to the departments API key, a Departmental Admin can provide this information. It is located in the Department Settings and can be updated from there as well.
  • Data returned is per department in Ace
  • The examples below use a key that is has been replace so they will not return data.

  • api/instructor/termCode/{key}/{dept}/{instructorId}/{termCode}

  • api/instructor/termCode/{key}/{dept}/{instructorId}/{termCode}/{crn}

  • /api/instructor/{key}/{dept}/{instructorId}/{startDate}

  • api/course/crn/termCode/{key}/{dept}/{crn}/{termCode}

  • /api/course/termcode/{key}/{dept}/{termcode}

  • /api/course/startDate/{key}/{dept}/{startDate}

  • /api/course/crn/{key}/{dept}/{crn}/{startDate}

  • /api/course/courseNum/{key}/{dept}/{courseNum}/{startDate}