Learning activity for TA questions

How can I get the learning activity to only ask TA questions?

Jason Sylvestre

Jason Sylvestre

06 April 2017

Learning activities were removed as a choice for new evaluations in January 2015

Ok, first remember to Preview, Preview, Preview. Have questions you want to appear for all evaluations set as “Evaluation”. Have questions you want to appear only for the instructor set as “Instructor”. Have questions you want to only appear for the Teaching Assistant set as “Teaching Assistant”. (Note, you can have questions apply to only a specific learning activity as well for fine-grained control) Add the Teaching Assistant to the appropriate learning activity (Lab, Discussion, etc). Delete the Instructor from the learning activity you added the TA to above. So you should now have an instructor in one learning activity (Lecture) and the TA in the other learning activity (Discussion). Now preview both learning activities to make sure the evaluation looks correct.