Evaluations for Teaching Assistants (TAs)

How can I get Teaching Assistants (TAs) to be evaluated?

Scott Kirkland

Scott Kirkland

06 April 2017

Teaching Assistants are not listed in Banner, so they will not be automatically added to the courses you have selected for your evaluation. Instructor are automatically added from Banner to the selected courses.

TAs (or other Instructors) may be added by

  1. Selecting the “Pending / Open” button
  2. Find the course in the list (You may search to filter the results displayed)
  3. Click the document icon next to the course on the left (class details)
  4. Click the details/edit icon next to the section you wish to add the TA to
  5. Click the “Instructor(s)” tab.
  6. Click the Add Instructor link to the right.
  7. Enter the kerb or email of the TA and click on the magnifying glass to search for them.
  8. Select the Instructor Type (in this case, Teaching Assistant)
  9. Click on all the Class Times they are apart of.
  10. Click Save

You will be redirected back to Details page if successful, just click on the “Instructor(s)” tab again to confirm.