Mass Email Options

What the options do for Mass Email

Jason Sylvestre

Jason Sylvestre

02 May 2019

Mass Email Options

Mass emails get sent out twice a day. Once if the morning and once in the evening (5 or 6 pm). It is very much recommended creating any mass emails before 3pm that way if there are problems, the developers can prevent the emails from being sent. The email subject line should be included in any help requests of this nature.

Mass Email Page


The template is optional. If you choose a template, it will provide you with replaceable parameters on the right that you can click on to place it in your email. Note, these parameters are tied to the template. If you use a template, make sure it applies to the student population you are picking.

  • Ticket Petition Decision
  • Notify Open Ticket Petition
  • Remaining Tickets
  • Electronic Ticket Distribution

Student Population

A note about students in Commencement. We have a nightly job that grabs students from banner that meet the minimum unit requirements for the ceremonies for that term. We also look at the graduation date so we don’t pull students from all time. If a student who does not meet these minimum requirements tries to access the site, we will also add that student. The nightly job also checks banner to see if their units have updated. A new set of students are created for each term so we have historical data. If a student has walked prior to this in our system, they should be filtered out. It is possible that a staff member who was a student, but walked prior to this system’s creation may be added if they try to access the site.


Eligible students is the same of All Eligible except if filters students who have already registered for the ceremony.


All students who are participating in the ceremony who have not canceled.

All Eligible

It first looks at the ceremony’s majors. Then it grabs all the students with those majors for the ceremony’s term code. This may include students who do not have enough units for a particular ceremony. Please see the info under “Student Population”.

Extra Ticket Denied

The students used for this are those that have an extra ticket petition for the ceremony where the extra ticket has not been approved. NOTE!! Currently this includes those that a decision is declined and pending. The {status} replaceable parameter will either state pending, approved, or denied.