How to use teams with Finjector.

Jason Sylvestre

Jason Sylvestre

11 December 2023


  • Everyone who uses Finjector has a personal team with a default folder. This would only be visible in the list of Chart Strings if you have added Chart Strings to that folder.
  • The main purpose of creating a team is to be able to create lists of Chart Strings for other users. Ideally, your accounting people will have done this for you. You may also want to do this to organize your own Chart Strings into different folders.
  • Teams have permissions that override any permissions that a child folder may have.
  • Teams may be accessed by the menu in the upper right.
  • The personal team and the default folder in it are special and may not be shared, deleted, or renamed. Chart Strings may be created in there, or duplicated into it.


  • If you have a higher level of permission in a team, that will take precedence over any lower level of permission in a folder.


  • Admins can do anything with the team and any of the team’s folders.
  • The main purpose of this role is to be able to add and remove users from the team or folders.


  • Editors can add, remove, and change folders and the Chart Strings within them.
  • If the user only has editor permission in a folder, they will only be able to add, remove, and change Chart Strings in that folder.
  • If a team editor creates a folder, they have admin permissions to that folder unless they leave it.


  • Viewers can only view the Chart Strings in the team’s folders. If they have view access in the team, they will be able to see all the team’s folder’s Chart Strings.