Welcome to Finjector.

An introduction to the Finjector application.

Jason Sylvestre

Jason Sylvestre

24 January 2024

Welcome to Finjector

  • Finjector, short for Financial Chartstring Injector, is a helper application that allows you to build and save Aggie Enterprise Chart Strings for use in other applications.
  • If Finjector is integrated with the calling application, there should be a button next to where you would enter a Chart String that will open a popup window. This window will let you use existing Chart Strings, and using them will paste them into the calling application’s entry field.
  • You may also use Finjector as a standalone application to create teams, folders, and Chart Strings for later use, or to manually copy into other applications.
  • We have added a slack channel #finjector feel free to join it and ask general questions.