How to get to our office

We are located in 38 Mrak Hall, but it really is not the easiest place to find. Below is a guide to help you find us, it starts at the North entrance to Mrak Hall.

Shuka Smith

Shuka Smith

23 July 2018

  1. Entering Mrak Hall from the North side, walk through both sets of glass doors.
  2. In the lobby of Mrak Hall, proceed to the right.
  3. When you turn right inside the lobby you will be facing the The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Dean's Office (150 Mrak Hall).
  4. While we are part of the CA&ES Dean's Office we are not in the main office, we're located downstairs. On your right is a pair of elevators.
  5. Press the bottom button to go down. Once an elevator arrives and you're safely inside press "B" for Basement.
  6. When you exit the elevator, head to the left.
  7. We are in a short hallway between the men's and women's restrooms on your right side. After you pass the men's restroom turn right.
  8. Our hallway has an S curve just like the Bay Bridge, so stay to the right, go no faster than 35mph and follow the flow of the road.
  9. After the left turn in the short hallway the room will open up and now you are officially inside our unit office! The conference table is located on the right after you walk past the cubicle wall.
  10. And you have arrived!

We also have created an overlay of the steps on top of the buildings floor plan.

For additional help email us or call at (530) 754-7122