How to use the Aggie Desktop Self-Service Application (SSA)

Use this guide to install applications using the Aggie Desktop Self-Service Application (SSA) service.

Steven Barkey

Steven Barkey

22 October 20202

The CAES Dean's Office Computing Resources Unit (CRU) leverages the Aggie Desktop Self-Service Application (SSA) service to allow individuals without admininstrative rights on their computers the ability to install commonly used applications without needing to contact the helpdesk. The Aggie Desktop SSA service includes commonly available applictions like Zoom, Box Drive, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

The instructions below will walk you through the process, but if you encounter any issues, please create a Helpdesk ticket for further assistance.

How to install an application through Aggie Desktop SSA

  1. Open the Self-Service Application (SSA) using the UC Davis "C-Horse" icon (UC Davis C-Horse).
    • Windows: The icon will be located in the System Tray by the clock, usually in the lower right corner.
    • Mac: The icon will be located in the Menu Bar at the top of the screen.
  2. Select the application you would like to install.
    • Only applications that are not already installed on the computer will be listed.
  3. Review the applications description and any pre-requisites, warnings, or notes.
  4. Click the Get button.
    • The status and a progress bar of the download and installation will be displayed above the Get button.
    • The application installation can take a short time to complete.
  5. The installation of the software is complete when the button turns green and shows Completed.

To uninstall an application that was installed through Aggie Desktop SSA

What applications are available throug Aggie Desktop SSA?

For a complete list of applications available through the Aggie Desktop SSA service, please visit