Searching Assets.

Jason Sylvestre

Jason Sylvestre

18 June 2019

Searching with tags

  • Searching tags uses “and” logic
  • Click the x to remove search values
  • Only tags listed for the team may be searched, but it is possible for the asset to have a tag that isn’t listed

Searching columns

  • Any column that has an entry field over it may be searched by typing into the field.
  • Partial matches will be found.

Searching Equipment

  • Searching is additive (and logic).
  • You can search equipment for tags. Only tags in the team can be searched.
  • You can search Attributes.
    • Attributes are key - value pairs that may be added to each equipment item
    • Attributes are free form text, after you type something, click on the “Search for: …” below the field to add it as a search item.
    • When searching you can search for both the key and/or value
    • For example, you could have multiple Keys of “PrePurchasing” and Values of the link in PrePurchasing. You could search for either. Or a Key of Serial Number and the value of the serial number.
    • If you are searching for both the key and attribute, make sure you click the “search for:…” for each of these values otherwise it will only match the phrase instead of each word.
  • To clear a search item either backspace over it or click on the small “x” next to the search term
  • Any column with an input field over it can be search for what is in that column.