Helpdesk Prioritization List

A helpdesk prioritization list endorsed by senior leadership in the Dean's Office.

Shuka Smith

Shuka Smith

07 June 2015

  • Email service/routing outages
  • Network service outages
  • AD Logon issues
  • File server connectivity
  • Printing outages
  • Equipment Purchases/In Warranty Replacements (work stoppage)
  • Work stop issues on DAFIS, PPS, AIS etc if this is the core job function for the staff member.
  • Integration of new units and centers
  • Installation/troubleshooting of supported software
    • Changes to mailing list/group memberships
    • Microsoft Office client problems (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe/PDF)
    • Email client problems (Web Access working) including address book cache
    • Remote access setup assistance/info (VPN and RDP)
    • Other supported software misbehavior including phishing, spam, backscatter, crashing, etc.
  • Equipment Purchases (non work stoppage)
  • Installation/troubleshooting of business software that's already on the terminal server
  • Cell Phones
  • Support of research / data gathering software
  • Moving of functional equipment to a new location
  • Installation/troubleshooting of unsupported software
  • Equipment Purchases/Repairs/Out of warranty replacements/Unauthorized purchases
  • Quote requests for equipment etc. that we might buy
  • Support of cameras etc.
  • Setup of secondary or third work computers