How do Auto Approvals work?

Explanation of auto approvals in PrePurchasing

Scott Kirkland

Scott Kirkland

11 April 2017

There are two types of auto approvals and they are both only for the Approver level. 1) An auto approval when you are the requester and approver. 2) An auto approval that you, as an approver, set up for a user or account.

An auto approval will only happen if the approver is specifically set to a person. It will NOT happen if the approver is set to “Any Workgroup Approver”. An approver may be specifically set if the user picks the approver in the order details, which means that an account is not used.

If an account is used, the only way a specific approver will be set is if that approver is assigned to that account. This can only be configured by the departmental administrator.

There may be workgroup settings that prevent the auto approval from happening if an account is not used.