Why didn't the order route to me?

Information on order routing in PrePurchasing

Scott Kirkland

Scott Kirkland

11 April 2017

There are a few reasons an order may not have routed to you.

  1. An external account (an account not in the workgroup) may have been used. When this is the case, the order may have bypassed the approver level and been set to the account manager level, or if the order was split between several accounts it may be waiting in the account manager level for the account manager as assigned in DaFIS to approve the order. This link has more info on that: https://computing.caes.ucdavis.edu/documentation/purchasing/Approver-bypassed

  2. The order may not be at your level yet. If an order is not at your level yet, you would need reviewer access to be able to view it. If you have that, you can look at the approvals section to see what approvals need to be completed before it arrives at you level.

    a. The approval level may have one or more conditional approvals in addition to the normal approval level. It my example below, there was one normal approver who approved the order and there are two conditional approvers who have not. It will not route to the account managers until all the approvers have approved the order.

    b. The account manager level may have one or more account managers. Multiple account managers can happen if the order is split between multiple accounts and one or more of those accounts is assigned directly to an account manager or is an account external to the workgroup.