I can't delete a question or question set.

The application isn't allowing me to delete a question from my event.

Jason Sylvestre

Jason Sylvestre

09 April 2020

Delete questions or question sets

The system will not allow you to delete a question if it already has an answer in your event. This is to prevent problems with reporting later on.

We strongly recommend that before you open your event or create a test registration that you preview it as questions may not be changed or deleted once there are registrations (answers) to your event.

What can I do when I have to change it?

The only real option to change questions after the event has registrations is to:

  • Deactivate the event (Make it no longer available to the public).
  • Copy the event
  • Make your changes to the copy.
  • Preview everything!
  • Make your copy active to the public
  • We recommend that you also rename your old event to prevent confusion. You Can’t delete events.

Note! There is no way to merge the events in the application. Any reports you generate for the different events will have to be manually merged.