Information regarding the EQUIPMENT section of PEAKS.

Jason Sylvestre

Jason Sylvestre

13 March 2019


  • Searching is additive (and logic).
  • You can search equipment for tags. Only tags in the team can be searched.
  • You can search Attributes.
    • Attributes are key - value pairs that may be added to each equipment item
    • Attributes are free form text, after you type something, click on the “Search for: …” below the field to add it as a search item.
    • When searching you can search for both the key and/or value
    • For example, you could have multiple Keys of “PrePurchasing” and Values of the link in PrePurchasing. You could search for either. Or a Key of Serial Number and the value of the serial number.
    • If you are searching for both the key and attribute, make sure you click the “search for:…” for each of these values otherwise it will only match the phrase instead of each word.
  • To clear a search item either backspace over it or click on the small “x” next to the search term
  • Any column with an input field over it can be search for what is in that column.
  • Videos showing searching can also be found HERE


  • Under the Actions column if you click on … you can Assign/Add a person if it is currently un-assigned
  • Or you can delete the equipment.
  • If you delete equipment that is assigned to a person, it will un-assign that person first.


  • From here, you can view the equipment’s details
  • You may edit the equipment from here by clicking on “Edit Equipment” at the top of the details
  • If the equipment is assigned, you may update the Expiration Date of the assignment by clicking on “Update Assignment”
  • You do not need Space access to add or remove the equipment from a space.
  • The history shows the last 5 or so history actions taken on the equipment.

Add a new Equipment Item

  • If you know who the equipment will be assigned to, you may add that person at this time
  • The only time you would want to Add equipment and search for an existing one is if you wanted to assign it. But that is easier to do under the Actions column. Or to confirm it doesn’t already exist.
  • “Clear x” will clear out the form and let you search for an existing equipment.
  • The only required field is the “Item”
  • You can add as many attributes as you like. (Key/Value pairs).
  • Attributes require at least the key value.
  • You can only add tags for those available to the team.
  • You can add multiple tags.
  • To remove selected tabs from the equipment, click ob the small “x” next to the tag.
  • You can only assign the equipment to a space that exists for the team.
  • Type in the space area to search, then click on the found space to assign it to the equipment.
  • If “Go!” is enabled, click this to save your changes.