Information regarding the KEYS section of PEAKS.

Jason Sylvestre

Jason Sylvestre

30 January 2019


Keys consit of two parts. The Key and the Key Serial. The Key can be considered the pattern for the key. It opens specific doors/spaces. The Key Serial is the physical key with a unique serial number that has the same “pattern” as the key.


  • Searching is additive (and logic).
  • You can search keys for tags. Only tags in the team can be searched.
  • To clear a search item either backspace over it or click on the small “x” next to the search term.
  • Any column with an input field over it can be search for what is in that column.
  • Videos showing searching can also be found HERE


  • The Serials column shows how many of those are assigned to someone (in Use) and the total number of serials.
  • Spaces indicates the number of doors/spaces the key and the associated key serials will open.
  • Actions
    • The actions column can only delete a key. If there are any Key serials or spaces associated, those will be removed as well.
  • Details
    • The details link brings you to the page where you can:
      • Edit the key
      • Act on Key Serials
      • Act on spaces for that key
      • View the last few actions in the history

Adding a new key

  • Click on “+ Add Key”
  • Enter a Name and Code
  • Optionally search and add tags

Key Serials

You get to the Key Serials from the Details link on the list of Keys

  • The Actions allows you to Assign or Revoke Access
  • You can’t delete a Key Serial but you can edit it from the details (Mark it as Destroyed).


  • The details shows that last 5 or so actions taken in the history.
  • You can update the assignment here or edit the Key Serial. This means changing the expiration date.
  • Edit Serial
    • Click on “Edit Serial”
    • You can change the serial number
    • You can change the status (Active, Lost, Dog Ate, etc.)


  • You can associate the Key with any/only spaces available to your team.
  • Click “+ Associate” in the Spaces section
  • Start typing the name or room number or other associated information of the space
  • Click on the found space
  • You can disassociate existing spaces under the actions column
  • Details brings you to the spaces details page where you have space specific actions you can take.