Information regarding the SPACES section of PEAKS.

Jason Sylvestre

Jason Sylvestre

22 January 2019

Setting up Spaces for your team

  • Spaces are determined by a team’s FIS Org(s)
  • You need a Departmental Admin role for your team to modify the related FIS orgs
  • When you have selected your team, click on the Admin menu or choose Administer Team from the Team Actions
  • From the TeamAdmin page, you can click the the garbage can to remove FIS orgs from your team. If there are existing assignments to that space, they will still exist but you will not be able to view them from the spaces tab.
  • To add spaces to your team, from the team admin page choose Add New Org Code from the menu on the right. Enter the chart and org code and click the button “Add Org to Team”. Note, for now the chart is required but not used for spaces. Usually this will just be 3.

Spaces in the team assets

  • If you see no spaces listed here, see above.
  • You can associate spaces from the details, or from within the other assets
  • What do those numbers mean? Keys and Equipment columns are simple counts. Workstations is Assigned/Total.
  • You can sort by clicking in the column headings. If you shift click, you can sort by multiple columns.
  • Filtering: You can filter several ways, they are all cumulative. You can chose tags. You can type text under the Room and Room Name headings. And you can choose from the drop down under workstations: Any: any space with a workstation. Unassigned: Any space with a workstation that is unassigned. Assigned: Any space with at least 1 workstation assigned to it. And show all clears the workstation filter.
  • The details link for a space list keys, equipment, and workstations.


  • Videos showing searching can also be found HERE