Confirmation Template.

Edit the confirmation template that is used to email end users.

Jason Sylvestre

Jason Sylvestre

03 August 2020

Confirmation Template

  • The confirmation template is used to email the end user when their payment for their registration goes through.
  • The information used is from the contact information on the registration they complete.
  • If they pay by credit card, this will be triggered when they successfully pay and we are notified by the credit card processor we use.
  • If they pay by check, they are notified when you or another admin accepts the payment and marks the total amount paid.
  • Words between the {} characters are replaced when the email is generated. You can only use the values displayed to the right of the form.
  • You should only ever paste in plain text.
  • We recommend keeping formatting with special characters to a minimum.
  • If you hover over the ? in the template fields you can get a description of what each does.
  • If you click on a template field, it will get inserted at the cursor location.
  • We recommend always including the TransactionNumber field.
  • Notification can be resent. This will be covered in another help area.
  • You must save any changes to make for them to be used.

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