Coupon Usage.

Jason Sylvestre

Jason Sylvestre

04 August 2020


  • Used to reduce the price of your event.
  • You can’t reactivate a coupon that has been deactivated.
  • After you generate a coupon, the code will be shown in the list and as a message at the top of the page.
  • The Details link also show you who created it. There are tools available to lookup a person’s id if you don’t know who it is.
  • The quantity used should show the quantity for all transactions it was used in, but I wouldn’t trust this a 100%. Mostly a general indicator of usage.

Coupon Type

  • Unlimited means this can be used for an unlimited amount of registrations.
  • Limited means you specify the number of registration for your event this can be used for. Note! This number is unrelated to the quantity the end user selects.
  • Single means it can be used just once, but as with limited, it isn’t related to the quantity of the registration.

Expiration Date

  • If this is entered, the coupon can’t be used on this date or after.
  • If it is not entered, the current date is not checked to see if the coupon is still active.
  • You are allowed to create a coupon that has already expired and can’t be used.


  • If an email is entered, for the coupon to be used the email must match the email in the contact information when the end user registers.

Discount Amount

  • This can’t be greater than the amount of the cost of one event item.
  • It must be greater than zero.
  • Only numbers and decimal place is allowed.

Maximum Quantity per Transaction

  • If not entered, the discount applies to each quantity level cost. So if the discount is 1.00 and the cost per item is 10.00, then the end user would be charged 9.00 for every “ticket” the select.
  • If a value is entered, the discount amount only applies to the first x “tickets” the end user selects for that registration. So if you put in 2, and the discount and cost are the same as above, then the cost will be 9.00 for the first 2 “tickets” and 10.00 for any after that for that registration only.

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