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Checks, you can use them, but why?

Jason Sylvestre

Jason Sylvestre

28 October 2020


  • Working with checks is a manual process. We recommend just allowing credit card payments, but if you want to provide your customers more options this remains an option.
  • Allowing check payments is discussed in the Create Event topic.
  • Working with checks is all done under the details section of your event.
  • Entering checks into the registration system does 2 things. Records it for reporting purposes, and when fully paid, generates an email to the registrant indicating payment success.

Receive Check

  • Find the registration the check is for under the Checks tab of the details page. As with other tables, you can filter them by entering information in the search input at the top right of the table.
  • Click on “Select”
  • Enter the check information. Then click save.
  • You may enter multiple checks.
  • If a check is entered in error after it is saved (or maybe it bounced), it my be deactivated by clicking on the red x. Then click save.
  • Clicking on the red x again and saving will reactivate the check.
  • Donations are no longer allowed, but the system will allow you to add them.

Edit (Correction)

  • To add or remove a donation entry. Note, donations through this site are not allowed by policy.
  • To add a donation (you received a check for more than the event specified), click on edit and add the donation amount with a reason.
  • If a donation amount was entered in error, create a new entry with a negative amount to remove that amount.


  • The details section under the Transactions tab will list all the checks entered for the registration in a simple table.
  • The Accepted column for checks indicates in the check has been deactivated.
  • Corrections/Donation amounts are not listed on this page.

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