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How to run and create reports.

Jason Sylvestre

Jason Sylvestre

28 October 2020


  • The Reports tab allows you to run reports and create new custom reports.
  • There are 2 default reports that are automatically created for your event. The Transaction Summary and Checks system report.
  • These were created by Alan Lai, the first developer to work on this application. (All the bad stuff is his fault :-) )

Running a report

  • To run a report for your event’s responses, go to the Reports tab, find the report you would like to run, then click Select.
  • The report will be displayed. If there are many columns selected, the report can be a little hard to view, but you can always export this to excel.
  • To export, once the report has run, click on the “Generate Excel Report” button.
  • This will rerun the report and export (download) the report to your computer.

Create custom report

  • On the Reports tab listing all your reports you can run, click the Create button.
  • Give you report a name.
  • Toggle Selected Columns will select all columns not selected and un-select any selected columns.
  • Selected columns are listed in that section, as well, they are highlighted in a light yellow.
  • If you choose capitalize, when the report is run it will try to capitalize the first word of the response.
  • The order you select columns determines the order the columns are displayed in the report.
  • Transaction level questions are the questions that get asked once per registration.
  • Quantity level questions are those that get asked once for each “quantity” in the registration. If you report on quantity level questions, the report will have one line for each of the quantity responses. Any transaction or property questions will be duplicated for these.
  • Property level questions are related to a single registration.

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