Question Sets.

Add questions to your event.

Jason Sylvestre

Jason Sylvestre

27 July 2020

Question Sets

  • Questions are grouped into Question Sets.
  • Questions should not be added or removed once people have started registering for your event. This can cause issues with reporting.
  • Contact Information question set is a reserved name and cannot be reused. The Contact Information question set cannot be removed or edited.
  • Question Sets can be added directly to your event as well as added as a user-reusable question set when not created from within the event. Note, this does not effect copying your event.
  • Question Sets can be added to your event in two places.
  • The Transaction Question Sets are asked once per registration and appear near the bottom of the registration form.
  • Quantity Question Sets are asked once for each quantity the end users specifies. They are asked near the top of the form and are grouped together.
  • A good use of the quantity question sets would be too ask attendee information.
  • You don’t need to create any question sets or create multiple ones, it just depends on what information you want to gather. We recommend creating a test event on the test site to see what things will look like and avooid cluttering up the production site.
  • As long as no one has registered for your event, you can remove and edit your question sets.

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