What permissions and services are available to units supported by Computing Resources Unit (CRU)

The following guide will outline the various permissions and services CRU provides to supported units.

Steven Barkey

Steven Barkey

25 November 2020

This guide will help identify the various resources and tools that are available to units supported by the CAES Dean's Office Computing Resources Unit (CRU).

If you encounter any issues, or have questions about any of the resources or tools, please create a Helpdesk ticket for further assistance.


Please note, while all of the following permissions are usually provisioned to members of a CRU supported unit, some users may only be provisioned a subset of permissions based on their involvement with the unit.

Workstation Access

  • This permission allows the unit member login to university owned Windows or Mac workstations managed by CRU.

Box "Unit Share"

  • This permission allows the unit member to access the "Unit Share" folder in Box that is dedicated for use by the unit.
  • By default, all unit members who have access to the "Unit Share" folder will have editor permissions provided.

Email List Membership

  • This permission allows the unit member to receive all messages sent to the following email lists:
    • CAES Dean's Office - All
    • Unit-wide emails lists (if applicable)

Remote Desktop Service

VPN Service

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